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The Journal of Green Technology and Environment (GreenTech) is a biannual fully open access double anonymous peer-reviewed international scientific journal. The GreenTech is completely free. The GreenTech does not accept papers whose full texts have been published in any meeting (congress, symposium, workshop, etc.) before as articles. The GreenTech publishes articles in the type of research article and review article. It does not accept articles prepared in other genres. The GreenTech publishes two issues a year, in the June and December. Articles with a similarity rate of 25% or more are not accepted. The GreenTech publishes in Turkish and English.

Research areas of interests in the Journal of Green Technology and Environment include naturally occurring materials, biomaterials, new eco-friendly and safer chemicals, methods and techniques for developing environmentally friendly novel materials, new industrial technologies, agriculture research, crop production, food science, water sources, ecological research, environment in connection with packaging industries, transportation, construction, daily consumer goods, electronics, microbiology, biomedical industries, man-made materials and chemicals, energy conservation, rural and urban development, pollution, biomass and other related research fields, industrial ecology, aspects of renewable energy technologies, scientific studies of environmental impact, biobased materials and bioenergy, next generation materials and biofuels, biopolymers and composites, hybrid materials, novel materials and devices processing technologies, nanoscience and nanotechnology, theoretical and computational approaches related to green science, new energy harvesting materials and systems, impact of pollution on environment, biohazards, biology and biotechnology, and much more.

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024)
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