Al and Fe Changes in Cedrus atlantica Depending on Organ, Age Range, and Direction




Heavy Metal, Biomonitor, Cedrus atlantica


Among the environmental pollution components that are among the most critical troubles of the present day, air contamination and, specifically, heavy metal (HM) contamination, whose release rises with industrial doings, are of great significance. One of the most effective methods for screening the differences in HM concentrations in the atmosphere over time is using annual rings of trees as biomonitors. This study tried to determine the changes in the concentrations of Fe and Al, the most common heavy metals, in the annual rings of the Cedrus atlantica tree, which was cut down at the end of 2019 in Kastamonu province, depending on the plant organ, age-range, and direction. According to the study results, the concentration of Fe element in the plant is not caused by traffic, while the concentration of Al increases due to traffic and enters the plant from the air. Study results show that both elements can be transferred in Cedrus atlantica wood.


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